Apparently for the college oenophiles, summer vacation means a break from the blog too. If you were looking to us for many wine recommendations from June through August, we apologize. (We may have been drinking a few more Old Fashioned’s and mojitos than wine in the last few months…) But it’s September now, school is back in session, and school-night drinking calls for wine, not bourbon. We spiced up one of our weeknights with tomato and mozzarella salad, True Grit, and a few glasses of Boxhead 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine (as are many of the wines we drink) was chosen solely based on its label. And it’s a sweet label, okay? Unlike some wines, the interesting flavors of Boxhead lived up to the interesting label.

The wine: Boxhead 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon

The price: $9.99 (at the Dahl’s on Ingersoll, look in the Australian wines section)

The alcohol: 14.0%

About the wine: (from The Wine Cellars Club) “Boxhead Cabernet 2008 is ripe and intense, and the herbaceous Cabernet is laced with hints of rich raspberry fruit. My favorite thing about it, though, is the way it explodes on your palate, and then goes deep and lingers. There’s great depth and length for a wine that sells for the amazingly low price of [$9.99]”

The verdict: We tend to think of, well, crappy wine when we think of Australian wines (see “yellow tail” which will be lingering at the shelves by your feet, as opposed to this wine, which was on the top shelf). The color was a deep, lush purple, and the wine smells very rich, leathery and fruity. This wine looks impressive in the glass, even if the screw-top bottles and hip label say differently. The flavors are deep and complex, but this is not a heavy, merlot-y kind of wine. The smoky essence of oak comes through in the finish, although it is not overwhelmingly dry. The back of the wine bottle and the above reviewer noted the “herbaceous-ness” of the wine, which we saw in the mouth-tingling flavors of raspberry and mint. This wine is balanced and understated, which will impress your friends who enjoy the details of a wine, and will also please those whose palettes are not quite so refined. For those reasons, we happily give this wine an A, and look forward to trying more of Boxhead’s wines.